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Why should I maintain my septic system?

Dotson's Septic Tank Service provides premier septic maintenance and installation services to customers in Boone, Logan, and Lincoln Counties. Read through some of our frequently asked questions to see how to keep your septic tank running properly for years to come.

Septic systems require periodic maintenance for them to run efficiently and properly. Without this maintenance they will start to fail and require expensive repairs or replacements.

Why do septic systems fail?

Septic systems fail for a variety of reasons. The most common causes behind septic failure include a lack of maintenance, poor soil conditions, excess sludge, decreasing bacteria, high groundwater, and broken septic components. All of these defects can be fixed before they get out of hand with regular maintenance.

Why do I need to get my tank pumped?

If not pumped periodically, an accumulation of sludge and build up can clog the system and cause it to overflow.


How long do septic systems last?

What are some symptoms of a septic problem?

If properly maintained, a septic system can last for several decades.

The most common signs are wet and soggy soil in the sewage field (often times accompanied by an odor). You may also notice sewage back up into the house and toilets.

Septic FAQs