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On-site sewage system

Dotson's Septic Tank Service offers premier septic services to customers in Boone, Logan, and Lincoln Counties. Read through our septic basics and maintenance page to learn how septic tanks work.

The basic septic tank is an on-site sewage system that is buried in your yard or on your property. Once the waste and fluids pass through the tank, they get absorbed through the drain field.

Running properly

In order for the system to run properly, it needs to have living bacteria and needs to be cleaned periodically. Without the active bacteria, the septic tank cannot break down and digest the organic solids.


This creates excess sludge and causes the septic system to get back up and overflow.  Your septic system gets the necessary bacteria through normal household waste, but the bacteria can be destroyed when harmful liquids are introduced to the septic tank.

Cleaning and maintenance

Commonly used products that destroy the bacteria range from detergents to drain openers. Once bacteria start to die or your tank starts to get backed up, we come in to get it working smoothly again. Periodical maintenance is essential to keep your tank from failing.


We will clean out the excess sludge and make sure your bacteria levels are balanced.

With proper maintenance and pumping, you can avoid the unpleasant experience of having a clogged and overflowing tank.


Septic basics and maintenance information